Clomid is Real!!!

Let me set the was September 10th, my birthday.  I was on my second round of IUI.  If anyone knows me, you know that I love my birthday.  Not because it is about me or celebrating me...but it is a day I usually get to spend talking to family and friends on phone and/or doing a fun dinner with friends from all different circles in one space.

But like everything else, i.e. holidays and celebrations, during my infertility journey, my birthday was no exception.  I was in the middle of taking Clomid and I am sure my nurse told me the side effects, but I have no recollection of them.  I woke up on the morning of September 10th MAD.

My sweet husband put out birthday decorations, had a nice card, and a present. And, I wanted NOTHING to do with that.  He asked me to open my presents which he had went and picked out some costume jewelry.  Then, my BIG present was tickets to So You Think You Can Dance for me and a friend.

Was I excited because I LOVESYTYCD and dancing in general?  W…

I am back!

It has literally been 5 years since I posted.  Lots has happened.  I had twin boys.  WOOHOO!!! Mason and Jack.  Praise God.

Looking back, I can see over 10 drafts of blogs I started, but did not have the heart or maybe energy to finish.  I went into some serious dark holes during my fertility battle and an even crazier pregnancy.

People always said I would forget everything that led up to having my boys once they were here.  They were totally wrong.  I have not forgotten what it took for these precious gifts from God to get here.  However, they were totally worth it.  I can also look back and see how God was totally faithful.

My story is not my own and I have always felt led to finish and hopefully give someone in the midst of the battle with fertility or a difficult pregnancy some HOPE, a laugh, and to remember you are not alone.

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Ding! Ding! Let the IUI Games Begin!!!

So here is a rundown of how my "dramatic" IUI games began.

First of all, a little education on what IUI means.  Basically, it is artificial insemination.  There are 3 types of IUI: natural (no drugs), Clomid cycle (pills you take to help ovulation), and Gonal F (lovely shots you take in your stomach).  Once you are are "ready" to ovulate, your hubbie shows up in the morning to turn in his swimmers (I will leave it at that).  The "hopeful" mommy to be shows up in the middle of the day.  Then, you have a romantic interlude with your fertility doctor, his nurse, and your husband in the doctor's office wide awake where the swimmers are transferred into the uterus. It is super intimate...NOT!!!  You wait 10-14 days, and then you take a prego test.  Easy right...maybe for some, but for me, not so much. 

So here is my first IUI rendezvous...

Round 1:
Players involved:
In corner #1: Clomid - serious "Cray-Cray" pillsIn corner #2: Gonal F - super expe…

And the story continues from "Operation Impregnation"

I am a bad story teller...I have left everyone hanging.  I know you guys have been holding  your breath for the rest of the "story".  For those of you who are still alive and have great lungs, here is a continuation from Operation Impregnation....

Quick recap: I tried everything under the sun at home and with Dr. Funny guy in November 2010. 

I gave up on Dr. Funny Guy because he was not giving me the depth/time I needed.  I decided to try another OBGYN.  She was awesome.  Dr. Awesome sat down with me for an entire hour to talk about my history.  Going into the appointment, I thought Dr. Awesome was going to give me a prescription for Clomid and I was outta there.  Not so much.  Dr. Awesome explained that since I was already ovulating that the Clomid was useless and with my history I needed to see a specialist and Jeff needed to be tested. 
Jeff's test results came back very good.  They examine morphology (shape), speed, and are they going in the right direction. Super awk…

My One Big Request

I am back...sorry for being MIA.  I know I owe you the rest of the story that leads up to to the present.  And I promise, I will (eventually) get there.  I cannot move forward until I share what has happened in the last two months...

I recently went through my second round of IVF (April - May).  Just in case, you are not down with the fertility lingo, IVF is In Vitro Fertilization process.  In summation: lots of shots and hormones, surgically pull out your eggs, fertilize them in a lab, and transfer them back in.  Promise more details later.

After all the ups and downs, we found out that we got another negative pregnancy test.  I believed it was going to be easier on the second round.  And, I thought I would be able to handle the negative pregnancy test better on round two.  I was seriously wrong. 

The past month has been excruciating.  I do not know how to explain it.  It has been one of my darkest times.  I have not talked to anyone, not shared my fears, not wanted to hear others coun…

Operation Impregnation

Our first year of trying looking back was definitely a learning curve.  We knew the gist of how to get pregnant, but until we started REALLY trying, it was a little more involved than what we learned back in 5th grade.  Everyone tries to give you their little tips and "tricks" of the trade. 

Method: We followed Dr. Funny Guy's advice the first two months, where he instructed us to engage in intercourse every other day.  If you are married, that is SUPER aggressive. 
Result: No baby
Emotion: No biggie...but I am super tired from Dr. Funny Guy's intense pregnancy plan. 

Method: Ovulation Sticks and trying to track days by ovulation (see below).
Result: No Baby.
Emotion: A little annoyed, but I am glad that I did ovulate.  I was cheap and got the tests that show lines versus the smiley face.  Definitely recommend the smiley face ones if you are like me and over analyze. 

Method: Ovulation Monitor (yeah, I am getting fancy here)

Turkey Day Gone Totally Wrong (continued)

(WARNING: This is a continued entry from my last blog.  So, unless you are one of "those" people that like reading the last page of the book first, read my blog prior to this one to get the DL.)

After getting out of the hospital, the hospital said it was super important to see my doctor the next day to discuss next steps, so I get an appointment with Dr. Funny Guy. 

We arrive at Dr. Funny Guy's office.  At this point, I am drugged, tired, in crazy pain, and have little patience.  Pretty picture, right.   Jeff and I meet with Dr Funny guy and he gives us his best performance yet.  After Dr. Funny guy reviews the book of papers the hospital gave us, we are summoned. 

Dr. Funny Guy:
Jeff, sounds like "someone" (points to me) didn't enjoy their Turkey Day weekend?

No, Dr. Funny Guy.  What the heck is going on?

Dr. Funny Guy:(looks at Jeff)
Jeff, basically she had several ovarian cysts that have simultaneously ruptured.  Apparently, she had one on Thanksgiving an…